Bench Mounted Industrial Fume Cupboards
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Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards

Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards are an essential piece of laboratory equipment used for a variety of applications. These cupboards are designed to protect the user and their surrounding environment from harmful fumes and vapours generated during laboratory experiments. The cupboard is designed to sit on top of a  bench and has a fan unit that pulls air from the workspace and exhausts it through a ventilation system, ensuring that any harmful chemicals or fumes are safely removed from the area.


bench mounted Fume Cupboard

Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards come in various models and sizes to suit the requirements of different laboratories. They are made from robust materials such as stainless steel and toughened glass, which ensures they are easy to clean and maintain. These fume cupboards can be customized to meet specific laboratory requirements, including the integration of laboratory equipment and the provision of additional storage space.


Manufactured to UK Standards BS-EN-14175 


Internal Lining & Worktops

Materials include:

Fume cupboards can be manufactured to clients’ own dimensional requirements including extra width, depth and internal height

Optional Extras & Services

bench mounted fume

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