About Fumetec

About Fumetec


Fumetec Ltd was founded in 1991 by our Managing Director – Andrew McCreavy and has become a UK leader of laboratory equipment providing a service for the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of Fume Cupboards & associated extraction systems.

Andrew previously worked at PF&F in the 1980’s who were renowned at the time, by being one of the leading suppliers of Fume Cupboards in the UK. Andrew’s experience was carried over into the new business whom he started with fellow Director – Michael Thompson, also formerly PF&F (now retired in 2020).


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At the start, the company initially originated in Huddersfield before moving the business to Swinton, Manchester where it has remained our home for over 25 years.

In recent times since Michael’s retirement, Andrew promoted Paul Barlow from within company to Production Director after 6 years with the business. Paul also carries a wealth of experience in Fume Cupboards, starting his career at PF&F in 1989 before joining the senior management team @ Mach-Aire in 1992 where the company was founded in Bolton, Lancashire.

Paul would serve over 10 years at Mach Aire before spending a further 8 years at Cleanair Ltd.

The Business

Our customer base has steadily grown over the years and the company has built some strong relationships in various sectors including;

  • Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Petro-chemical
  • Food
  • Universities, Schools and Colleges

Project values can range from £10,000 – £500,000 depending on scale and scope of projects and in some cases, represent a full turnkey package which includes laboratory benching.

Fumetec provide a full project management team and all our designs are created in-house with expertise available to carryout initial site surveys and offer advice where applicable.

Most of our staff have been employed by Fumetec for over 10 years & carry a wealth experience which is the life-blood of the business. This knowledge is available for all our customers and starts from initial conception straight through to the installation phase where the customer can be assured that quality and safety remain the full focus throughout the project until handover.

Our senior management collectively has over 70 years’ experience delivering fume cupboards and associated equipment throughout the UK. In over 30 years’, the company has strived for continuous improvement – improving our product range, meeting deadlines, and ultimately achieving customer satisfaction.

Since our inception, the company has established long term relationships with customers that has been built on trust, quality, and service. This is testament to our quality policy which sets out our mission statement to meet our quality objectives. Furthermore, you will find some of our trusted partners have added their own testimonials on the website to add value and awareness with regards to their own experience with Fumetec.

Fume Cupboards

Our fume cupboards play an important role in the laboratory, protecting operators from harmful substances. A typical laboratory uses a fume extraction system to pull air from inside the room through the open fume cupboard sash and pull in every hazardous and dangerous gas with it. Then, the contaminated air is then expelled and/or filtered for re-circulation.

Fumetec has extensive experience installing safety equipment for labs across all industry types throughout the UK. We offer high-quality chemical fume Cupboards, radio-isotope fume cupboards, carbon filtered fume cupboards as well as polypropylene fume cupboards.

Our schools range includes Nexus Ducted and Nexus Recirculation Fume Cupboards. These are manufactured and designed to the latest standards and manufactured to remain robust throughout its lifespan and compliant.

Fume Extraction Systems Designs

All our fume extraction systems are designed to comply with safety regulations and ensure energy efficiency. Our comprehensive range of containment systems and laboratory furniture aims to suit the user’s requirements. With over 30 years of experience, we understand our valued customer’s needs and offer custom designs to fit your laboratory requirements.


Commissioning and Maintenance

For all our products, Fumetec can provide service and support to ensure your product continues to run to its original design specification and performance levels.

Other products

The company offers a wide range of products to assist our clients with there laboratory requirements. These can be found on our website.

Safety Standards

Safety comes from quality, and we design and build our products to the highest standards finish using AutoCAD design and CNC manufacturing & test rigorously by skilled, technical craftspeople. Fumetec deliver and install using our own vehicles & expert engineers, providing a UK-wide service.

Our fume cupboards are manufactured and tested to BS EN 14175 standards. Our associated extraction systems are designed and manufactured around clients environments to comply with the very latest technical specifications and safety regulations.


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Continuous Development

Our approach to product design and development is to always ensure that our customers get the most technically advanced equipment built with state-of-the-art materials. We continue to research, grow, and develop our products to provide an assured level of excellence.


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