Nexus Recirculation Schools Mobile Fume Cupboard

Schools Mobile Carbon Filtered Fume Cupboards

Schools Mobile Carbon Filtered Fume Cupboards are designed to provide a safe and effective laboratory environment for students, teachers and lab personnel. These specialized fume cupboards utilise advanced filtration technologies and are equipped with carbon filters to effectively capture and remove harmful fumes, vapors and particulates generated during scientific experiments and research processes.

The mobility of these cupboards gives schools the flexibility to move them around the laboratory, wherever they are needed. The cabinets themselves are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring maximum durability and performance. Utilizing these fume cupboards provides a sustainable solution for educational institutions, as it eliminates the need for costly ducting and ventilation systems, making them a more cost-effective option.

Overall, the Schools Mobile Carbon Filtered Fume Cupboards are an essential component in promoting a safe and healthy learning environment in laboratories, while addressing air quality and environmental concerns.

school fumecupboard range

Robust Fume Cupboards designed & manufactured for primary use in schools and colleges



Materials include:

Education fume cupboards can be manufactured to clients’ own dimensional requirements including extra width, depth and internal height.

Standard Services:

Manufactured and Tested to:

Optional Extras

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