Radioactive Fume Cupboards
The radioactive fume cupboard design is adaptable for use as either a constant air volume or variable air volume design.

Radioactive Fume Cupboards

Radioactive fume cupboards are essential pieces of equipment in laboratory settings. They provide a safe and controlled environment for experiments and research that involve radioactive substances. These cupboards come in different shapes and sizes and can be customized to meet specific laboratory requirements. The cupboards are made up of casings with a fan that pulls contaminated air into a filter. The filter cleans and removes any radioactive particles, and the purified air is then released back into the atmosphere. This process ensures that the environment is safe for lab workers and for the community as a whole. Investing in high-quality radioactive fume cupboards is critical for ensuring the safety of laboratory workers, maintaining regulatory compliance, and achieving accurate research results. Whether you are looking for a compact fume cupboard for a small laboratory or a large-scale laboratory setup, there is a range of options available to meet your specific needs.

Radioactive Fume Cupboards

Manufactured to UK Standards – BS EN 14175


Materials include:

For general laboratory use.
For mounting on support frames or customer’s own bench/worktop.

* Please note bespoke sizes of external and internal widths, depths and heights can be easily manufactured.

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