Industrial Fume Cupboards
30 Years Manufacturing Experience

Chemical Resistant Industrial Fume Cupboards

View our comprehensive range of chemical resistant Industrial Fume Cupboards to suit various public & private sectors. With over 30 years’ experience manufacturing fume cupboards, we can offer the very best solutions to suit your requirements.

Primera Industrial Fume Cupboard

Primera Fume Cupboards

The Nexus Primera Fume Cupboard has been added to our industrial range of Standard Fume Cupboards.

Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards

Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards are an essential piece of laboratory equipment used for a variety of applications.

Walkin Fume Cupboards

Are you in search of an effective solution for controlling potentially hazardous fumes and chemical vapors in your laboratory?

Radioactive Fume Cupboards

Radioactive fume cupboards are essential pieces of equipment in laboratory settings.

Carbon Filtered Cupboards

Our cupboards are the perfect solution to keep your environment clean and free from harmful pollutants.

Polypropylene Fume Cupboards

Polypropylene fume cupboards have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Waterwash Fume Cupboards

We understand that cleanliness and safety are crucial, especially when it comes to laboratory or industrial settings.

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