Energy Saving

Fume Cupboards Tips to Reduce Your Energy Costs

We have several ways to help you reduce your energy costs while maximising your efficiency. These include:

  • fume head controllers;
  • auto sash controllers;
  • duct pressure controllers;
  • fume cupboard VAV systems.

You could be reducing your carbon footprint, and your energy costs by as much as 85%, while continuing to provide the right level of protection from hazardous substances and fumes.

Our energy saving tips:

  • switch off your fume cupboard overnight and at weekends;
  • reduce your fume cupboard’s face velocity – 0.5m/s down to 0.4m/s saves 20% extract volume (depending on containment use);
  • reduce the fume cupboard’s sash opening depending on use – but be mindful of the end user’s comfort;
  • control the fume cupboard fan’s motor speed with an inverter – slowing a fan motor by 20% saves nearly 50% in energy consumption.

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