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Polypropylene Fume Cupboards

Fumetec offer a full design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of fume extraction systems for our fume cupboards and other associated laboratory equipment.

All fume extraction systems are designed and compliant with BS EN 14175, DW151 and DW154.Our qualified engineers will carry out a full specification survey and design drawings to the highest specification using our AutoCAD system. All designated routes identified during the survey process are initially sent to the client for planning and approval before being placed into manufacture. Depending on the scale and complexity of the system, manufacture can vary between 4-6 weeks from approval of drawings however in some cases this can be improved.

Systems can be varied to suit clients specifications and applications and we offer a range materials including uPVC, Polypropylene and Fire Retardent Polypropylene. All fabrication work is carried out through our skilled fabricators and all bends and tube are pre-formed/ press moulded. Any welding carried out during the installation process is achieved by using a hot air fusion welded using electric hot air welding gun. Additionally we can also fiberglass systems if required.

Other key features include;

  • Energy saving Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems available with automatic motorized dampers.
  • Attenuation to suit varied noise criteria.
  • fire dampers or crush collars
  • Fan units supplied in a variety of designs and materials with three-phase or single-phase motors. Available with inverter drives, direct, indirect and with forward or backward curved impellers.
  • Filtration systems to remove harmful fumes and corrosives into the atmosphere.
  • Low velocity systems to reduce sizes of plant, ductwork, and capital costs.

Upon the start of any project, our site engineers are provided with a safe system of work including risk assessment / method statements / PPE and safety equipment ensuring all work is carried out safely in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015 and giving the client peace of mind.

All systems upon completion are fully commissioned and certified in accordance with the relevant standards and specifications.

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