Mobile Recirculating

Mobile Recirculating cupboards

Mobile Recirculation Fume Cupboards


  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Mild steel epoxy coated steel carcase.
  • Colour light grey/blue.
  • Solid grade laminate working level.
  • Toughened glass sliding sash, side and back viewing panels.
  • Fail safe sliding sash with auto-reset sash lock.
  • Easy change filters.
  • Safe and simple to relocate – passes through standard doorways.
  • Minimal site installation.
  • Weight – 250kg.
  • Port for manual filter monitoring.
  • Electrics isolated from contaminated air stream.
  • Integral light separate from working chamber.


  • Front controlled cold water with self seal quick release hose connection.
  • Front controlled gas with self seal quick release hose connection.
  • Vulcathene 100Ø drip cup with bottle trap and 38mm BSP flexible waste connection.
  • RCD protected double 13Amp switched socket outlet.
  • Audio/visual airflow failure alarm.
  • Cabinet on/off switch


  • Tri-layer main carbon filter.
  • Pre-filter (dust/smoke particle)

Standards Compliant

  • Building Bulletin 88.
  • Design Note 29.
  • CLEAPSS tested.
  • Airflow tested to BS EN 14175

Optional Features

  • Automatic carbon filter monitor providing audible/visual alarms.
  • Wide choice of carbon filters available.
  • Colour finish.

Manufactured to BS EN 14175

Education type fume cupboard for establishments which require excellent all round visibility for group demonstrations; These cupboards are supplied on a metal framework with lockable castors and storage area.

Standard Dimensions

  • 1000mm wide x 700mm deep x 1950mm high


380m3/h Face velocity> 0.3m/s @ 400mm sash height.

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